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Hot Products

    • Ceramic Composite Rubber Backed Liner

      Ceramic Composite Rubber Backed Liner

      Ceramic composite rubber backed liner has strong impact resistance due to the shock-absorbing effect of rubber, and can effectively reduce the noise of equipment operation. The module design with bolts makes the product easy to install, and the product is installed on wear-resistant equipment by means of pasting or bolting.Alumina ceramics enhance the wear resistance of the equipment, and rubber acts as a cushioning material. Under severe abrasion conditions, this ceramic rubber composite board lining can prolong the service life of the equipment, and the small resistance of alumina ceramics makes the material flow smoothly and reduces the material running time.

    • Ceramic Mosaic Wear Resistant Liner

      Ceramic Mosaic Wear Resistant Liner

      The ceramic mosaic wear resistant liner is made of 92% alumina ceramic powder at high temperature, which is easy to install, not easy to prevent falling off, and has high hardness. Equipped with the inorganic adhesive, factory direct sales!

    • Wear Chromium Carbide Bimetal Alloy Plate

      Wear Chromium Carbide Bimetal Alloy Plate

      The wear-resistant plate of the chromium carbide welding cover layer adopts a bimetal structure, and there is a metallurgical bond between the wear-resistant layer and the base material. The thickness of the surfacing layer of the wear plate is 3-12mm, and the hardness can reach HRC55-62.