About roller rubber

- May 27, 2019-

Basic Information

Roller lagging is an important part and component of the belt conveyor transportation system. The rubberized drum can effectively improve the running condition of the conveying system, protect the metal drum from wear, diamond pattern or chevron pattern, and the rubber surface of the ceramic rubber board. It can increase the frictional force of the surface of the rubber sheet, effectively prevent the sliding friction between the drum and the belt, reduce the belt slip, reduce the material adhesion on the surface of the drum, thereby reducing the deviation and wear of the belt, and improving the operating efficiency. The drum runs synchronously with the belt to ensure efficient and high-volume operation of the belt. Widely used in: power plants, coal mines, cement plants, steel, metallurgy, coal, fertilizer, grain storage, ports and other industries.

Chinese name

Roller lagging

Process classification

Hot sulfur type

Traditional hot vulcanizing roller

This kind of technology is relatively backward. The traditional hot vulcanized rubberized roller has low vulcanization pressure and high sulfur content. In addition, the rubberized panel has low rubber content, poor rubber wear resistance, and very short service life. It is easy to age, and the rubber will become hard after aging, which leads to the decrease of the adhesion between the conveyor roller and the belt, the cleaning function is degraded, the roller thermal encapsulation technology is backward, the operation is complicated, and the on-site construction operation cannot be performed. The cost of hot vulcanization is lower, and it is still the first choice of some manufacturers. During the hot vulcanization process, the pressure during vulcanization is somewhat low, causing the drum to be hot-packed, the wear resistance is not very good, and the long-distance transportation also causes a certain cost to the manufacturer, so the proportion of hot vulcanized rubber is increasing. less.

Cold sulfur type

New cold vulcanized roller rubber

It adopts on-site cold encapsulation technology, which has the advantages of convenient on-site construction, high bonding strength, fast vulcanization speed and long service life. The rubber rubber plate of the roller is made of anti-corrosion and wear-resistant rubber plate. This rubber material is dense, with high glue content and resistance. Excellent grinding, tensile and tear resistance, and the service life is generally 5-8 times that of the same type of rubber. It is naturally vulcanized under normal temperature and pressure. This cold vulcanization bonding ability is 7~8 of domestic hot vulcanization technology. This roller coating technology is suitable for on-site repair, especially suitable for coal mines, small space and other places that do not have hot vulcanization conditions.

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