Al2O3 Alumina ceramic mosaic tiles

- Aug 14, 2020-

【Shape and size】

– Square tile: 10x10x3~10mm, 17.5×17.5×3~15mm, 20x20x3~15mm, etc.

– Hexagonal tile: S12.5xT3~20mm, S23.5xT6-25mm





Alumina content




Rockwell Hardness


Compressive strength


KIC fracture toughness


Bending strength


Thermal conductivity

20 W/m.k

Coefficient of thermal expansion




Alumina ceramic liner for cyclone,
Metal complex pipeline and elbow,
Abrasive liner for down spouting,
Abrasive liner for pipeline, etc.



1) High hardness.

2) Good abrasion resistance: Alumina ceramic is the material of choice for alumina wearing parts.

3) High resistivity: Alumina is an electrically insulating material.

4) High corrosion resistance: it is insoluble in water and only slightly soluble in strong acid and alkali solutions. The inorganic oxides with extremely stable molecular structure and no electrochemical corrosion results in high corrosion resistance.