Al2o3 Ceramic Wear Liner

- Aug 10, 2020-

Al2o3 ceramic wear liner is made of hexagonal or quadrilateral mosaics made of 92% alumina powder. The normal size is 240*240mm, and the size can also be customized. It is convenient for customers to install and use.

The thickness of the lining can be customized according to requirements or working conditions.

Alumina ceramic wear pads are suitable for air transmission and wind power generation equipment.

It can be used at room temperature slowly raised to 350°C without aging and peeling.

Al2o3 ceramic wear liner can be used as wear-resistant materials on the surface of mining, steel, petroleum, power plants and other industrial or chemical pipelines or acid-base liquids.

This material can effectively resist the chemical corrosion of the materials on the equipment, the corrosion of the pipeline wall and the thermal shock of the materials, thereby reducing the wear of the equipment and the pipeline, greatly reducing maintenance or replacement, and extending the service life of the equipment.

al2o3 ceramic wear liner

Al2o3 ceramic wear liner is used in hoppers, chutes, conveyor belts, pipelines and other production equipment.

Because the material transfer process will severely wear hoppers, chutes, conveyor belts, and pipes, alumina ceramics are becoming more and more popular in the steel industry and mining industry.

Therefore, in high-wear conditions, al2o3 ceramic wear liner can completely protect the structure of the main transportation equipment.

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