Alumina ceramic liner plates

- Jul 29, 2020-


  • Color:White

  • Shape:Customised

  • Size:Size Customized

  • Certificate:ISO9001:2008

  • Raw material:Alumina Ceramic

  • Usage:Industry Usage

  • Package:Box

  • Name:92% Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Mosaic Liner

  • Type:Ceramic Plates

  • Material:Alumina Ceramic


1.Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Mosaic Liner for surfaces of delivery equipment such as Chutes / Hoppers, Cyclone separators,Elbows, Cyclones, Convey or pulleys.

2.Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Mosaic Liner for liquid flowing pipes of petroleum,mining,steel ,power;

3.Anti-corrosion from chemical substances;

4.Thermal impact Tiling will ensure significant savings on equipment and labour by supplying innovative solutions. Our products are used extensively wherever material wear due to abrasion, impact, friction, heat or corrosion.

Why choose us:

  1. Advanced static pressure technology, lathe processing, dry pressure technology.

  2. The product features high hardness, high abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, strong compactness, etc.

  3.  Long service life, with a large operating temperature range and a long service life.

  4. Alumina ceramics is a kind of ceramics with a wide range of uses, because its superior performance has been more and more widely used in modern society, meeting the needs of daily use and special performance.

  5. Alumina ceramic is a ceramic material with alumina as the theme, which is used for the back film integrated circuit card.

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