alumina ceramic tiles

- Nov 02, 2017-

The application of the alumina ceramic tiles for coal system

The wear and tear of the coal system equipment is mainly grazed and impacted. Coal is the most easy wear parts of the drum, tee, damper etc., the general power plant adopts the method of wear are: the application of lined with manganese steel, this method is not perfect, the reason is that steel plate not wear-resisting, use cycle is short (generally in six months or so), and easy to stick coal block; Provide maintenance work for maintenance personnel. Ultra high molecular polyethylene plate, although not sticky coal blocked; However, wear resistance and impact resistance are not as good as steel plate, especially between the lining and the wall of the cylinder, which can be easily squeezed from the seam to the original coal, which can cause the lining to bulge and fall off. Since 1997, when the coal silo of Qingdao power plant has been used to use ultra-high molecular polyethylene, several lining boards have come off, causing the chain to become stuck and even causing the chain to bend. It brings unnecessary maintenance work to the maintenance personnel, and it has serious impact on safety production. The adhesive type ceramic liner is to be built into a composite liner which is embedded in special rubber, and its wear-resisting strength, impact resistance and smooth inner wall are greatly improved. Through some power plant use case, it is the more ideal anti-wear treatment leakage method. 


Flora Hu