Alumina Ceramic Wear Mat

- Sep 23, 2019-

Qi Shuai Wear Resistant Equipment Co., Ltd. is a wholesaler/distributor of alumina ceramics manufacturer. Alumina ceramic wear mat and alumina ceramic square mosaic ceramic sheet. Alumina inlay is an excellent wear resistant ceramic material.

Alumina ceramic wear mat are widely used in pulley bushings, rubber ceramic plates, rubber hoses and wear-resistant bushings for various non-repairing equipment. Epoxy adhesive is easy to install and fix.


Advantages of hexagonal tile mat:

1) Small and flexable size. It can suitable most of irregular equipment.

2) High alumina content and high hardness:Its rockwell hardness is HRA87 and the Moh's hardness is up to 9 grade with is only less than diamond. And its abrasion-resistant is more better than steel and stainless steel

3) Excellent abrasion resistance and impact resistance.

4) Excellent corrosion resistance (resist the strong alkaline, strong acid slag and liquefied materials).

5) Excellent heat resistance (up to 1500 ℃)

6) Easily and quickly installation.

7) Smooth surface can be reduce barrage and friction coefficient to prolong the device service life.

8) Low density reduce the lined equipment weight and improve the equipment working effectiveness

9) Light weight:Its density is 3.62g/cm3, it is only half weight of steel, and could reduce the load on equipment.Hexagonal alumina tile mat

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