Alumina Ceramic Wear Mats

- Jul 24, 2020-

Alumina ceramic wear mats are made of 92% purity hexagon or quadrilateral mosaic paste, the conventional size is 240*240mm, and can also be customized. The thickness is selected according to requirements or working conditions. Alumina ceramic wear mats are is suitable for wind power generation and air transmission equipment. It can be used at 350°C for a long time without aging and flaking.

Alumina ceramic wear  mats can be used for material transportation equipment in steel, mining, power plants, petroleum and other industries, or wear-resistant materials on the surface of acid-base liquids or chemical pipelines.

It can effectively resist the chemical corrosion of materials on the equipment, the wall of the pipe and the corrosive effect of the material impact and the thermal shock generated by the material to reduce wear, thereby greatly reducing the cost of frequent maintenance or replacement of equipment pipes to extend the service life.

alumina ceramic wear mats

Alumina ceramic wear mats are the first choice for industrial wear-resistant, impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials.

Alumina ceramic wear mats of other cylindrical and other mosaic shapes.

Alumina ceramics are used in production equipment such as chutes, hoppers, pipes, conveyor belts, etc. Because the material transmission process will seriously wear out the equipment, alumina ceramics are more and more popular in the mining industry and the steel industry. Therefore, in high-wear environments, high-quality alumina ceramics are often used as materials.Alumina ceramic wear mats, the main equipment structure is retained, and alumina can withstand longer wear before it needs to be replaced. Our company's technicians provide wear-resistant solutions according to the different usage conditions of customers.

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