alumina ceramics in power

- Mar 19, 2018-

The main fans used in the thermal power plant include fan, fan, blower and so on. Induced draft fan and the row of powder machine as a power plant is one of the main auxiliaries, because wear and seriously affect the output and lead to frequent update maintenance, has become one of the hidden trouble of the thermal power plant boiler safe operation. For many years, although many surface strengthening method used, including surfacing wear-resisting material, thermal spray welding coating, coating on the surface of the polymer coating, surface quenching, effect is not ideal. For high wear resistance adhesive mainly using adhesive bonding strength of adhesive wear particle materials, provided by the characteristics of abrasion resistance, wear-resisting material to consider using adhesive bonding wear-resisting ceramics used in fan impeller abrasion wear. The technology has been applied in several sets of fan impeller, the longest use time has been more than 3 years, and has achieved good economic benefits.

(1) wear-resistant ceramic lining is a kind of high product, which is used more and more widely. The reason is that the technology is mature and the cost is lower and lower; Users are generally preferred.

(2) due to the adhesive type, impact resistance and adhesion type of the wear-resistant lining, users can choose the type of differences according to the actual situation.

(3) due to the influence of certain conditions on the adhesive, the scope of its use is still limited, but as new materials and new technologies emerge, the application will become more and more extensive.