Alumina ceramics in steel industry

- Nov 20, 2017-

Application of Alumina ceramics in steel industry

1. Raw material feeding system: belt head hopper, belt head hopper, trolley three-way hopper, feeder hopper.

2. Batching system: mixing hopper, one mixing cylinder, second mixing cylinder, mixing disk, making the ball disk.

3. Sintering conveying system: the hopper of ore dressing and the distance dressing hopper and silo.

4. Dust removal and ash removal system: dust removal pipe, elbow, three-way, fly ash pipe, tail dust pipe.

5. Coking system: coke hopper.

6. Iron spray coal system, medium speed mill: cone bucket, separation baffle, outlet pipe, pipe, burner cone.

7. Steel ball mill: outlet pipe, coarse dust separator, fine powder separator, pipe, elbow, inner shell of pulverizer.

Iii. Application of power plant equipment in mechanical industry:

Equipment for coal conveying equipment, dust removal equipment and ash removal equipment. Plant equipment: feeding equipment, dust removal equipment, resistance

The balancer. Mining equipment and industrial equipment: hopper, silo.

Iv. Application of chemical industry

1. Feeding system: hopper and silo;

2. Dust removal system: dust removal piping;

3. Processing equipment: vibration grinding lining


Flora Hu