alumina tiles progress

- Sep 13, 2017-

Alumina ceramic is a ceramic product made of alpha-al2o3, and its Al2O3 content is generally more than 75%. People usually in ingredients on the content of Al2O3 in classification, among them: the content of Al2O3 is "75" porcelain, at around 75% for Al2O3 sintering temperature is lower, so the cost of 75 porcelain was lower than those of other alumina ceramic, but compared for their performance is not obvious, now mostly used no longer.

Al2O3 content is about 85% of the "85 porcelain". In the process of making 85 porcelain, the powder of talcum powder is often added to the ingredients to improve the mechanical strength and electrical properties of ceramic products. Porcelain is often used in the production of electrical vacuum devices.

Al2O3 content is 95% of "95 porcelain", mainly used as corrosion resistant and wear-resisting parts.

Al2O3 content at about 99% for "99" porcelain, 99 porcelain has the high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance of good performance, can be used to make special, special wear-resisting refractory components, such as ceramic bearing, ceramic furnace tube, ceramic crucible and so on.

In more than 99.9% of Al2O3 content is "high purity alumina ceramic type", this kind of ceramic sintering temperature as high as 1650 ℃ above, and have the transmissivity and can be used to produce devices such as sodium lamp tube; It can also be used to make electronic industrial basic devices such as integrated circuit boards and high frequency insulation materials.