Application of alumina ceramic in power plant

- Nov 20, 2017-

Application of power plant equipment in mechanical industry:

Equipment for coal conveying equipment, dust removal equipment and ash removal equipment. Plant equipment: feeding equipment, dust removal equipment, resistance

The balancer. Mining equipment and industrial equipment: hopper, silo.

Iv. Application of chemical industry

1. Feeding system: hopper and silo;

2. Dust removal system: dust removal piping;

3. Processing equipment: vibration grinding lining

V. application of port industry

Feeding system: a fixed funnel for garages, a fixed funnel for a bucket, a fixed funnel for a belt conveyor, a hopper for unloader.

6. Application of cement industry

Ball mill outlet, coarse fine powder separator, separator shell, clinker feed hopper, hopper.

7. Application of smelting industry

1. Feeding system: head chute, intermediate warehouse, rear cabin, vibrating screen trough, coke bucket and measuring bucket.

2. Batching system: batching, once (twice) mixing machine.

3. Roasting system: single - barn pump casserator, hopper hopper and intermediate hopper.

4. Dust removal system: dust pipe and bend.