Application of wear-resistant ceramic in top equipment

- Mar 15, 2018-


Bell-free top charging equipment is the charge that will be sent to the material Cheng Cheng conveyor, through the regular opening of the upper sealing valve from the hopper through the swinging chute or retaining valve through the regular opening of the flow control valve and the lower seal valve or lower valve box, from the material can into the furnace cloth chute, at the same time the role of the top seal,

      The material chute is distributed rationally in the furnace by rotating and tilting the charging charge according to the requirements of the blast furnace process cloth. The charging point and the blanking place of the charging section of the bell-free top, must be equipped with wear-resistant ceramic liner, wear-resistant ceramic liner working conditions determine its high temperature, wear resistance and impact performance requirements, wear-resistant ceramic liner high temperature, abrasion resistance and impact performance determines the length of its service life,

And its service life is directly related to the reliability of the top charging equipment, directly affect the stability of BF production cycle, but also with the blast rate and the economic loss of ironmaking plant closely related. Wear-resistant ceramics in recent years has been widely used in iron and steel, smelting, machinery, coal and mining enterprises such as coal, feeding, milling and dust removal system, such as the wear of large mechanical equipment. The bell-free top charging equipment on the medium and large iron-making blast furnace, also wear a large mechanical equipment, but also the use of a large number of wear-resistant liner, but the service life and cost-performance can not meet the requirements of the top charging equipment companies and users, if the wear-resistant ceramics can be in a bell-free roof charging equipment on a wide range of applications and promotion,

      The outlook should be very considerable. The company has three major categories of five series of hundreds of categories of products, including micro-crystalline wear-resistant alumina marble, alumina lining bricks, alumina liner, alumina pipe fittings and mosaic and other ceramic products; At the same time, according to the market demand for ceramic materials, the company developed its own ceramic rubber composite shock-resistant triple liner, the second in a liner board, Greatly expanded the use of ceramic products field.

At present, the company's alumina products are widely used in steel, cement, chemical, thermoelectric, building sanitary ceramics and terminals and other industries, in China, North America, the European Union, Southeast Asia, Australia and other countries and regions have a stable market share.