Application of wear-resistant ceramic to fan impeller

- Aug 17, 2017-

Application of the wear resistant ceramic

Fan of coal-fired power plants including induced draft fan, the machine and to the powder machine, blower, etc., which induced draft fan and powder as the hard particles in the medium of scouring machine impeller, wear is very serious, serious impact on the output and lead to frequent update maintenance, has become one of the hidden trouble of the thermal power plant boiler safe operation. Surface surfacing, thermal spraying, spray welding and application of abrasion resistant plaster are used on impeller, but the effect is not obvious. wear resistant ceramic has excellent wear resistance, Shandong Qishuai Wear Resistant Equipment Co.,Ltd. Using high temperature resistant high strength adhesive applied to guide, exhaust fan blade to improve its resistance to wear, to be a success.

Wear resistant ceramic tiles used Al2O3 power cold pressing and sintering molding,with a thickness of 3mm, hardness HRC69 ~ 70, and wear resistance of 6-8 times of high chromium cast iron.

alumina tiles (2).JPG