Application of Wear-resistant Ceramics in Exhaust Fan Impeller

- May 25, 2018-

Wear-resistant ceramics have excellent wear resistance. Adhesion technology is used to attach them to the worn parts of fan impellers, which can greatly increase their wear life. The average life can be improved by more than 5 times. It is a very effective and safe wear-resistance. Anti-wear new technology is worth promoting in the power industry. Due to the wear of the lead and exhaust fan impellers, its output is severely affected and frequent updates and repairs have been made. This has become one of the hidden dangers in the safe operation of boilers in thermal power plants. For wear-resisting adhesives, adhesives are mainly used to bond high-strength adhesives to wear-resistant particles, and wear-resistant materials are used to provide wear resistance. Considering the use of adhesives to bond sheet-like wear-resistant materials, the equivalent of wear-resistant adhesives The wear-resistant materials, such as ceramics, are all placed on the surface of the gel-dried agent to give full play to the wear-resistant properties of the wear-resistant materials. The authors used high-temperature and high-strength adhesives to apply wear-resistant ceramics to the induced draft fan blades to increase their wear resistance. Sex, achieved success.


Flora Hu