Bimetal alloy wear resistant steel plate

- Mar 28, 2019-

The bimetal alloy  wear-resistant steel plate is a composite wear-resistant laminate formed by bonding up to 20-30% of a chromium carbide alloy to a suitable steel substrate by means of an electric arc. The laminated layer of the laminate is uniform in material and regular in appearance. The carbide in the metallographic structure of the wear-resistant layer is fibrous and perpendicular to the surface, and the surface hardness can reach above HRC63, and the hard alloy with high chromium content is wear-resistant. Composite panels are suitable for use in extremely abrasive environments.


Bimetal alloy steel plate also has the dual properties of high-hardness material and toughness material. It is irreplaceable compared with other engineering anti-wear materials such as various alloy steel plates, cast wear plates, cast stone, rubber, polyurethane, etc. Comprehensive performance.

Application range

Metallurgical industry: chute, fan, weighing hopper, classifier blade, skateboard, slag removal pipe, blast furnace top hopper.

Coal industry: cone wear-resistant lining of bucket excavator, scraper-type coal conveyor central trough middle plate, feed trough, hopper, well mine lifting bucket, coal washing plant pipeline, chute.

Cement industry: scraping plate, slipper, wind guide cone, guide vane, dust removal pipe, slag tap.

Power industry: fan blades, burner lines, stacker and reclaimer hopper, silo lining, coal mill liner, pulverized coal conveying pipe, coal powder distributor grid, chute, coal unloading equipment lining.

Glass industry: fan impeller, fan blade, rear disc liner, fan nozzle, easy to wear parts.

Mine tunnel industry: shield cutter head, shearer pick, crusher, shield machine spiral reamer, excavator bucket teeth, etc.

Building materials industry: screw conveyor reamer, mud pump pipe, belonging to abrasive wear, contact with the workpiece contact concrete mud.

Bimetal alloy  wear-resistant steel plate has been widely used in heavy industry, providing important wear protection measures for the wear and tear of industrial equipment and workpieces in China, greatly improving the service life of equipment and workpieces, improving production efficiency and reducing production for enterprises. Cost has made an important contribution. The double-gold double-layer wear-resistant steel plate is a high-hardness wear-resistant layer with high hardness and high wear resistance. It has bimetallic properties, namely high wear resistance of the working layer and high plastic toughness of the base layer. It provides convenient mechanical connection and electrode connection conditions for industrial applications, and can realize processing such as reel, welding, plasma cutting and mechanical connection.

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