Bimetal CCO Wear-resistant Composite Pipe

- Jan 06, 2021-

Product Description:

On the inner wall of the seamless steel pipe (diameter above 80mm) or the outer wall (the diameter is not limited), the open arc self-protection full-automatic surfacing welding process is adopted, and the wear-resistant tube surfacing machine is used, and the CNC automatically surfacing a layer of high wear resistance alloy.

Common thickness of surfacing layer on inner wall of steel pipe: 3-6MM.

The thickness of the outer wall surfacing layer can be customized according to customer requirements.

Production process: open arc welding.

Hardness range: HRC55-62.

Installation method: welding, flange

Bimetal CCO Wear-resistant Composite Pipe Bimetal CCO Wear-resistant Composite Pipe

Mainly used: mine fillings, refined powder and tailings transportation, Pulverized coal and coal slag delivery, ash transportation, etc.

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