bimetal steel tube

- Oct 27, 2017-

Performance characteristics of double metal wear-resisting elbow grinding products:

1. Good wear resistance

Hardness of super hard - resistant alloy HRC is more than 56, with good wear resistance and thermal stability.

Excellent anti-impact performance, metal bonding performance and thermal shock resistance.

Our company produces super hard alloy bimetal composite wear-resisting tube, the combination of two kinds of metal is completely metallurgical combination, safe and reliable. The coefficient of thermal expansion of the two is quite similar, and it will not cause expansion and collapse. Lining the walls of the tube adopts steel tube, the hardness of the abrasive resistant alloy, the product has not only high wear-resisting and corrosion characteristics of alloy products, and have high mechanical performance and high shock resistance.

Good heat resistance and corrosion resistance

The base of super hard alloy material has a strong heat resistance and corrosion resistance, and can show good corrosion resistance and wear resistance in high temperature or corrosive environment. Under the interaction of wet, corrosive medium and particle scour, it is more suitable to use the superhardness resistant alloy used in the casting state. In the dry condition of the main failure mode of abrasive wear, a kind of superhardness resistant alloy material can be obtained by heat treatment of martensite matrix.

The compound cost is low and the quality is good

The wear-resistant tube is manufactured by international advanced die casting process, with high yield, good density, uniform thickness and stable quality.

5. Convenient transportation, installation and use

Double metal wear-resisting elbow can be connected by flanges, quick joints and direct welding. And because the pipe for high performance, local congestion occurs in the pipeline system maintenance, can rap, hammering at will, also can change, welding cutting, unloading, installation, maintenance is very convenient.