CCO Steel Pipe By Metallurgical Welding

- Nov 15, 2018-

The high chromium wear-resistant surfacing plate adopts the general alloy system of the international wear-resistant composite steel plate, which has excellent anti-abrasive wear performance, and the wear-resistant layer and the substrate achieve good metallurgical bonding, and the joints are free of oxide inclusions, cracks, pores, etc. Defects, the wear layer thickness is 3~12mm, and the surface layer hardness is 50~65HRC. The wear resistance is much higher than that of heat-treated wear-resistant steel and cast wear-resistant cast iron. The substrate adopts a low-carbon steel plate with good plasticity, which can absorb energy during the impact process, so that the high-chromium wear-resistant composite steel plate has strong impact resistance and crack resistance, and can be applied to vibration and impact conditions. Under conditions.

The cost of manufacturing parts made of wear-resistant composite steel plate is higher than that of ordinary materials, but the service life of the machine parts is increased. Considering the maintenance cost, spare parts cost and downtime loss, the cost performance is 2~3 times higher than that of ordinary materials.

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