CCO Wear Abrasion Plate

- Aug 21, 2020-

The CCO wear abrasion plate produced by Qishuai Wear-resistant Equipment Co., Ltd. is made by the open arc surfacing process. Overlay welding wire with high hardness Cr28 core on the base material of A3/Q235 steel plate to form a hard wear-resistant layer.

Maximum temperature: 1400°F

Hardness range: 55-62HRC

Common specifications: 3 3mm/5 3mm/6 4mm/6 6mm/8 4mm/8 6mm/8 8mm/10 8mm/10 10mm/12 6mm/12 10mm

Production process: open arc welding

Overall board size:

Width≤1450mm, length≤3400mm, accept customization

Chemical composition of CCO wear plate:

Cr: 18-30% C: 3-5% Si: 0.5%-1.5% Mn: 0.5%-2.5% Other: ≤ 2%

CCO wear abrasion plate performance:

Wear resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance.

It can be cut, bent, deformed and welded, or stamped and crimped.

After cutting, the wear-resistant steel plate can be customized and welded into various engineering structural components or parts.

Application equipment:

Vertical crusher, when processing powder, crusher, ball mill, grinding roller, sieve plate, chute, hopper, conveying hopper, etc.

Application industries: power, cement, mining, steel and other industries


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