CCO Welding Steel Pipes

- Nov 23, 2020-


CCO welding steel pipes for coal preparation plants is one kind of compound pipe with chromium carbide overlay layer welded on steel pipe, the smallest pipe we can produce is φ80mm, thickness of the wall is 8-50mm, this wear resistant pipe has dual metal characteristics,high wear resistance of work layer and plasticity and toughness of collective layer. Wear resistant layer contains high carbon and high chromium alloy, while our high temperature resistance CCO pipes contains Mo,W,V,B,Nb,Ti and other alloy elements. The metallographic structure of wear resistant layer is eutectic +M7C3 primary carbide or complex carbide, which can resist the wear under room temperature, high temperature, strong impact, medium impact and low stress impact.


  • Thickness: 3 - 50 mm

  • Section Shape: Round

  • Outer Diameter: 200 - 3000 mm

  • Place of Origin: China

  • Application: Fluid Pipe

  • Special Pipe: Thick Wall Pipe

  • Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy

  • Tolerance: ±3%

  • Type: Seamless Steel Pipe

  • Product Name:  CCO welding steel pipes

  • Surface: Hardfacing

  • Shape: Round

  • Usage: Structure

  • Mode of Shaped: Dry Pressing

  • Packing: Bundles

  • Length: 5.8-12m

  • Processing Service: Overlay welding


Qishuai exclusively released the wear resistant steel pipes that are accordance with the newest standard. Hardness of Chrome carbide bimetallic overlay CCO welding steel pipes / tubes for coal preparation plants is HRC58-62. 

The wear resistance of  CCO welding steel pipes are 20-25times that of low carbon steel, 5-10 times that of stainless steel and high manganese steel, at least 1.5times higher that of common high carbon and chromium wear resistant steel pipes.

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