Centrifugal concentrator

- Jan 30, 2018-

Centrifugal concentrator is an effective equipment developed by China for coarse slime selection. Its principle of separation is basically the same as the flow membrane beneficiation in the plane chute, except that the flow membrane beneficiation process is strengthened due to the introduction of centrifugal force.

Centrifugal concentrator sorting process is rotating hollow cone drum (cone angle) carried out. After the slurry is fed into the drum, the mineral particles are layered according to the specific gravity under the action of flowing film and centrifugal force, and the heavy mineral particles are attached to the inner wall of the drum to become the concentrate. Light mineral particles located in the surface layer, rushed to the bulk of the drum and discharged to the tailings trough. After a certain period of time, to stop the mine, with high pressure water will be close to the drum wall concentrate washed down, that is, concentrate. Concentrate row exhausted, stop flushing, but also re-mining. The device has the advantage of large processing capacity (), 8 to 18 times higher than the shaker. Recyclable grain size up to the lower limit, but the enrichment ratio is not high, generally only to 2 to 3 times the election, the Department of Intermittent operating system. Now, the centrifugal concentrator system is large-scale positive, continuous development of drainage.

(2) 40 layers of hoop rolling bed, belt chute and cross-flow belt chute

40 layers of shaking Flip-Kang (that is, Bartlett-Mozli shaker), vibrating notch grooved chute and cross-flow belt slides are movable slime chute equipment, the difference is that the rocking bed surface shaking effect Under plane orbital motion, so that the role of the mineral particles by shearing force, prompting the mineral particles loose and light mineral particles delamination. It is widely used in roughing slime.

Belt chute is the use of different proportion of mineral particles in the slope of the water flow in the movement of different sorting. It is mainly used for the selection of slime. Since continuous operation, slime recovery efficiency is higher than shale, but the enrichment ratio is not high (5 ~ 8 times), and the processing capacity is low (1.2 ~ 3t / (Taiwan · d)) .

Cross-flow belt chute with the above two kinds of chute movement, is a new mineral sludge selection equipment. With the enrichment ratio (40 ~ 50 times), lower recovery particle size () and so on, but the processing capacity is not high.

(3) vibrating belt chute

Vibrating belt chute was developed in 1973, a new type of sludge selection equipment. Its movement combines vibration, swinging and continuous movement. With a high separation efficiency, enrichment ratio (4 to 8 times) and so on. However, the handling capacity per unit area is low, complex structure.