Ceramic drum

- Jul 30, 2019-

The ceramic drum is a new type of driving device for various belt conveyors, bucket elevators, winches and the like.

The main features are as follows:

1. The deceleration mechanism of the ceramic drum adopts the cycloidal pin wheel transmission to make the motor exposed and the drum directly connected, which can replace the old-fashioned driving device composed of a motor-reducer and a transmission roller.

2. Overcome the shortcomings of the involute gear electric drum which is easy to be damaged, and has the advantages of strong overload capability, stable operation and high efficiency.

3. The motor external connection changes the heat dissipation condition, and the installation and maintenance are convenient, which avoids the oil being eroded by the motor and prolongs the service life.

4. It has advanced anti-stop device to prevent the belt from slipping when the material is stopped.

5. The surface of the ceramic roller covers a variety of pattern glue layers such as herringbone and diamond shape to improve the ability of the traction tape.

6, can also be equipped with explosion-proof motors, used in applications with explosion-proof requirements.

According to the characteristics of the ceramic drum, we can master the key points in the process of use, and better use the ceramic roller.