Ceramic Liner Wear Tube

- Jun 22, 2020-

Ceramic liner wear tube is a kind of ceramic composite steel pipe. The ceramic composite wear-resistant pipe produced by QISHUAI is designed according to the customer's requirements. The national standard Q235 steel pipe is used. With a size that meets the inner or outer diameter, the ceramic inner wall is 92% pure. Installation of abrasive tiles.

The choice of pipe tile is usually determined according to the outer and inner diameter of the pipe required by the customer.

Ceramic liner wear tube

At present, the thickness of alumina ceramic tiles produced by our company is from 10-30mm.

Application of ceramic liner wear tube:

Thermal power industry:

Outlet pipe, Burner pipe, Powder discharge pipe, Primary air pipe and elbow, 

Coal powder pipe and elbow; 

Dust removal pipe and elbow of dust removal system

Concentrate pipeline, tailing pipeline and backfill minerals of mineral raw material conveying system

Medium conveying pipeline

Exporting countries of ceramic liner wear tube include Belgium, Pakistan, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and so on.

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