ceramic tube application

- Oct 27, 2017-

ceramic tube application

Ceramic wear-resistant tube is 15 times higher than ordinary steel pipe. The inner surface is smooth and the fluid resistance is superior, reducing energy consumption. Impact resistance and good heat insulation performance is good, can be in - 50 to 700 ℃ temperature range use for a long time; Good welding property, convenient construction and installation; The anti-wear, anticorrosion and anti-fouling of ceramic lining steel tube are excellent.

Scope of application: tao wear-resisting pipe in addition to the application in the coal-fired power plant ash, slag discharge pipe, back to the powder, also widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical industry, aviation, military, etc as conveying sand, coal powder, ash, liquid, powder grinding particles on materials such as aluminum and corrosion properties, is the ideal wear-resisting, corrosion resistant pipeline, such as:

1. Coal slurry in coal industry, coal washing mud, filling material of mine, coal mine pipe; Pipeline transport of concentrates and tailings in metal mines.

2. Iron and steel furnaces of iron and steel furnaces, slag, and other pipes, such as iron alloy, furnace, etc.

3. The raw pulp conveying, pulverized coal conveying, lifting machine and concrete conveying pipe of the wet process production line of cement factory.