China wear resistant bimetal plate

- May 27, 2019-

China wear resistant bimetal plate

1. High wear resistance

Wear testing shows that the wear resistance of composite abrasion resistant steel is more than 20 times higher than that of low carbon steel, more than 5 times higher than stainless steel and high manganese steel, and 1 times higher than the high chromium iron. 

2. High impact performance

Due to the use of soft steel substrate, composite wear-resistant steel plate has a high impact resistance, which fully reflects the advantages of both wear-resisting and impact resistance of composite materials. This is less than the cast-resistant material. 

3. Convenient processing performance

Composite wear-resistant steel plate can be deformed and welded, which can be easily processed into various wear parts like ordinary steel plates. 

4. High performance price

Use the composite wear-resistant plate while the unit price increase, but considering the service life of parts, maintenance cost and outage loss, its high performance price ratio than ordinary materials about 2-4 times. Due to the reasonable use of materials, composite wear-resistant steel plates are 50 percent lower than the manual surfacing price of equivalent materials. The composite wear-resistant steel plate is especially suitable for the surface strengthening of the machine parts, such as sediment, ore, dust, coal slag, etc. 

5. Heat-resisting performance

The composite wear resistant steel plate has good high temperature resistance, high chromium alloy composite plates under the highest temperature is 800 ℃ or less and is suitable for all kinds of working conditions of abrasive wear. Composite wear resistant steel plate surface level off, in the process of surfacing welding wear-resisting layer through the formation of tiny cracks to release stress evenly and keep the picture board face level off, the limit to produce stress concentration, cracks are limited in the hardened layer, in use process will not extended to toughness good steel. 


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