Chromium carbide cladding plate

- Nov 01, 2018-

Chromium carbide cladding plate

The composite wear-resistant steel plate is a steel plate material which is deposited by surfacing a low-alloy steel plate with a layer of high chromium and its carbide material to form a high-wear property and a high toughness. Due to the large difference in performance between the front and the back of the composite steel plate, the bending, welding and machining properties of the composite steel plate and the original low carbon alloy steel plate are greatly different. In order to ensure that the composite wear-resistant steel plate can be smoothly constructed and operated reliably on the impeller, sufficient test is needed as a support to solve the technical difficulties in various aspects such as the structural connection form and the processing technology.

Surfacing is a welding process in which a layer of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant metal is applied to the surface or edge of the workpiece. Surfacing has significant economic benefits for the service life of the parts, the rational use of materials, product performance and cost. Different workpieces and surfacing electrodes should adopt different surfacing processes to achieve satisfactory surfacing results.

wear resistant overlay carbide plate

Chromium Carbide Cladding Plate