Chromium carbide overlay plates applications

- Mar 28, 2018-

Chromium carbide overlay plates used in feed chute and hopper lining, hopper liner, fan blade, pusher bottom plate, cyclone dust collector, coke guide liner, ball mill liner, bit stabilizer, screw feeder bell and base, Kneader bucket lining, ring feeder, dumper floor.

The bad working environment in the coal yard has certain requirements on the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the wear-resistant steel plate. The recommended material is NM400/450 HARDOX400 wear-resistant steel plate with a thickness of 8-26 mm.

Wear-resistant composite board cutting, generally using carbon arc gouging, plasma, wire cutting, EDM, laser cutting, water jets and other methods. In comparison, the plasma cutting appearance quality is better, and the laser cutting and waterjet methods are generally not used because of the high cost of use. In the domestic cement equipment manufacturing structural parts, wear-resisting composite panels mostly use carbon arc gouging and plasma cutting, and the accuracy requirements are relatively low. This is usually the case at the maintenance site. It is reminded here that the cutting gap should be kept when cutting, and from the time of marking, it must be reserved, in order to avoid the relatively small size of the blanking material, and the installation gap is too large after installation on the equipment. The surface of the wear-resistant layer of the wear-resistant clad steel plate forms a fine uniform crack release stress, which maintains the flatness of the entire plate surface and limits the stress concentration. The crack is confined to the hard layer and will not be very tough during use. Expansion in the substrate. Under 600 °C, high erosion wear and abrasive wear conditions, with good wear resistance, impact resistance and oxidation resistance, suitable for a variety of wear conditions. In addition, the tensile and impact resistance of the wear-resistant composite steel plate is not lower than that of the Q235 steel plate.