Chromium Carbide Overlay Wear Plate

- Aug 01, 2019-

Wear Resistant Chromium Carbide Overlay Steel Plate

      The bimetal composite wear-resistant steel plate is composed of a low-carbon steel plate and an alloy wear-resistant layer, and the anti-wear layer generally accounts for 1/3-1/2 of the total thickness. When working, the base body provides comprehensive properties such as strength, toughness and plasticity against external forces, and the wear layer provides wear resistance that meets the requirements of the specified working conditions. The wear-resistant steel alloy wear layer and the matrix are metallurgically bonded. The high-hardness self-shielding alloy wire is uniformly welded to the substrate by a special equipment using an automatic welding process. The number of composite layers ranges from one layer to two layers to multiple layers. Due to the different shrinkage ratio of the alloy during the compounding process, uniform transverse cracks appear, which is a remarkable feature of the wear-resistant steel plate.

      The high-hardness chromium carbide wear-resistant composite board is made of Q235 steel plate and wear layer. The base of the wear-resistant layer is metallurgically bonded, and is uniformly laminated to two or more layers by using a special high-hardness open-end flux-cored wire for import. During the compounding process, uniform transverse cracks are generated on the surface due to the release of stress. The wear-resistant composite board has its unique metallographic structure and is fibrously distributed. The hardness can reach between 56 and 62, but it can be cut, bent, welded, etc. It can be said that basically the parts that can be processed by the steel plate The wear plate can also be processed.

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