chromium carbide plates application

- Aug 15, 2018-

Wear plate application:

     1. Power plant application of wear plate: grinding machine anti-wear, grinding inner casing anti-wear, air ring blade, grinding roller sheath, drop hopper

Slag scraper bottom plate, scraper wear

     2, wear-resistant plate cement plant application: raw material grinding shell protection, powder selection wear-resistant blade, roll skin anti-wear sleeve, raw material drop tube,

Roller sleeve blanking wear-resistant cylinder, inner guard plate, raw material feeding nozzle, clinker under the clinker, belt conveyor hopper pulverizing station return pipe, return elbow, crusher plate hammer, vertical wear-resistant Guard plate waste heat power generation hot air pipe isolation valve, anti-wear flue

     3, wear-resistant plate coal mining: tailings waste slag wear-resistant transport, falling slag wear-resistant bucket, scraper machine middle groove wear, coal preparation board, selection tray wear

     4. Wear-resistant plate for glass and steel: glass loading and unloading wear-resistant trough, loading and unloading car wear-resistant hopper, blast furnace hopper


Power industry----fan blades, burner lines, feed troughs and hopper liners, crusher components, coal mill components, ash pipes, air handling systems and transport aircraft;

Steel industry---- silo lining, sliding bevel, net curtain, blast furnace bell-shaped hood, skip, blast furnace strengthened steel plate, sintering feed cylinder, pipeline, distribution board, dump truck, hopper, etc.;

Cement industry-----Selector blade, impact plate, pipeline, pump casing, mill lining, crusher parts, slag tank, various chassis, vibrating screen, etc.;

Glass industry-----fan impeller, fan blade, rear disc liner, fan port, easy to wear parts, etc.;

Mining industry-----truck lining, hopper lining, feed lining, crusher parts, cover, wear rod and wear plate;

Coal processing industry-----feeding trough, hopper, crusher parts and liner, coal conveying pipeline, elbow, scraper conveyor bottom plate, pump body;

Metallurgical Machinery-----Iron ore sintering machine, conveying elbow, iron ore sintering machine lining, scraper lining;

Construction machinery-----loader; bulldozer, excavator bucket board, side blade, bucket bottom plate, blade, rotary drilling rig, drill pipe;

Construction machinery-----cement pusher gear plate, concrete mixing plant, mixer liner, dust collector liner, brick machine mold plate;

Loading machinery-----unloading mill chain plate, hopper liner, grab blade, automatic dump truck tipping board, dump truck body.