chromium carbide plates in mining

- Jan 10, 2018-

chromium carbide plates in mining

Coal processing system in the elbow, tee and other pipeline accessories, media pipelines, media shunt box, pump, sieve plate, coal chute, cyclone overflow pipe, into the material protection boxes and other equipment are under the impact of strong Wear and abrasive wear equipment. The use of high-chromium wear-resistant composite board wear-resistant pipe / pipe fittings or lay the composite plate inside the chute as a wear-resistant layer can significantly improve the wear resistance of the equipment to extend its service life, good application. Will be processed high chromium wear-resistant composite board using the method of plug welding or bolting in easily wear-resistant pipe inside, that is made of wear-resistant tube with good wear resistance impact resistance, but also can be made of direct wear Parts installation, such as cutting directly into the production of wear-resistant elbow, improve equipment wear resistance


Flora Hu