Custom Alumina Ceramic Parts

- Aug 07, 2020-

Qi Shuai custom alumina ceramic parts, used in various mining, machinery, cement plants and other industries.Product content is 92%, 95%, or according to customer requirements.Fine workmanship, can be called the industry characteristic products.

Custom alumina ceramic parts

Custom alumina ceramic parts due to their high purity alumina powder.Therefore has the extremely high hardness and the excellent wear resistance, the appearance is exquisite, feels smooth, delicate as the handicraft.Can be used for various precision instruments and mechanical parts.Reduce wear and tear and protect equipment.Thus the maintenance cost is greatly reduced and the service life of the equipment is extended

The minimum order quantity of customized ceramic parts is 500 pieces or 20 kg, and the mold fee is calculated according to customer demand.

The packaging is customized according to the customer's requirements or the shape of the product.

The most suitable packing will be used for different modes of transportation.

Qi Shuai constantly improve the quality awareness of all staff, strengthen product quality control and management.From the customer's point of view, customer-centric, continue to provide customers with satisfactory and qualified products.

If you have any wear problem with the precision instrument, please contact Miss Helen Dong directly.Will provide you with the best services and solutions.

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