Customized Rubber Ceramic Liner Plate

- Apr 30, 2019-

Customized Rubber Ceramic Liner Plate

The ceramic rubber composite lining board adopts an advanced thermal vulcanization process to vulcanize the toughened wear-resistant ceramics and rubber together to form a square ceramic rubber composite, which is adhered by welding (three-in-one series) or high-strength adhesive ( The two-in-one method is fixed on the protective surface of the device to form a strong and cushioning wear layer. It combines the high hardness of ceramics and the high cushioning and anti-fatigue properties of rubber, which can well solve the problem of equipment wear during bulk material conveying. The addition of rubber, in addition to good anti-wear and anti-corrosion effects, can also prevent production stoppage and noise reduction due to material accumulation.


Features of Ceramic Rubber Liner

1.High wear and abrasion resistance.

2.Long wear life, low maintenance and downtime.

3.Significant noise reduction

4.Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes

5.Impact resistant

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