feachures of the alumina ceramic

- Oct 19, 2017-

Alumina ceramics of hot pressing sintering way than normal temperature sintering in low temperature, and sintering of products on the theory of density can get ninety-nine percent, because of the hot pressing sintering mainly adopts is preforming, or the load of powder directly into the mould, the entire process relatively simple.

Sintering method of alumina ceramic electric field:

The whole process of sintering is completed by direct the embryo of alumina ceramics directly under the electric field of direct current.

Sintering method of ultra-high pressure of alumina ceramics:

Alumina ceramic is required to perform the whole work of sintering under pressure of hundreds of thousands of atmospheres.

Sintering method of alumina ceramic atmosphere:

Mainly for alumina ceramic compare to sintering in air products, in order to prevent the oxidation, can be in the interior of the chamber of a stove or furnace into the appropriate gas, forming the atmosphere of the need to effect, complete sintered in the atmosphere.