Hex Tile Rubber Mat

- Jul 07, 2018-

Product Description

  • Model NO.: QS302

  • Construction of Chute Liner: High Alumina Ceramic in Rubber

  • Al2O3 Ceramic: 92% Al2O3

  • Ceramic Shape: Cylindrical, Hexagonal and Rectangular Ceramic

  • Ceramic Hardness: Mohs 9

  • Nr, SBR, Urethane Rubber: Manufacturer with Rich Experience


  • Description: Hex Tile Rubber Mat

  • Features: Combine Wear Resistant Seramic and Elastic Rubber

  • Ceramic Wear Liner Certificate: ISO9001:2008, SGS, Certificate of Origin Form E, F

  • Ceramic Size: Variuos Size & Thickness Ceramic


  • Trademark: QS

  • HS Code: 6909120000

Chute Rubber Ceramic Wear Plate, Chute Ceramic Rubber Panel, Chute Ceramic Liner

QS can supply a full range of ceramic wear plates including:Impact, durable and durable+ varieties to suit site specific applications, with engineering and installation provided by ZHUOER dedicated service division.

Ceramic solutions are becoming more common in hard rock applications because they have been proven to provide increased productivity, enhanced wear characteristics, improved flow efficiency, noise reduction and a lower total cost of ownership.

Wear resistant rubber ceramic wear plates are used to offer higher wear and impact protection.

1.Combine energy absorbing rubber and excellent abrasion resistant high alumina ceramic, suitable for high wear and impact applications.
2.Custom shape and size to meest your specific requirements, standard liners and non-standard ones are all available.
3.Complete wear and abrasion solutions
4.Manufacturer with rich experience, good bond between rubber and ceramic, ceramics stay in place until completely worn.
5.Wide range of rubber ceramic wear plates to meet your different requirements.


High wear resistant rubber ceramic wear liner is embedding high alumina ceramic into energy absorbing rubber or urethane cushion, and bond both to steel backing plate via hot vulcanizing for easy installation.
Impact-absorbing rubber cushions helps reduce impact energy and prevent ceramic tiles breakage,
Steel backing plate with studs for easy installation.


High wear resistant rubber ceramic wear liners are suitable for applications in areas of severe impact and areas of high abrasion.
High alumina ceramic deliver extra abrasion resistance and extend wear life.
High alumina ceramic:
Aluminium Oxide:Al2O3>92%
Specific gravity of ceramic 3.6 g/cm3
Hardness(Moh's) > 9 t

Applications of rubber ceramic chute liners:
* conveyor chutes
* reflectors and impact plate
* bins, hoppers
*conveyor skirt liners
* stackers and reclaimers

Features of Hex Tile Rubber Mat:

High wear and abrasion resistance.
Long wear life, low maintenance and downtime.
Significant noise reduction
Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes
Corrosion resistant

Hex Tile Rubber Mat

We specialize in manufacturing alumina ceramic wear liners, experience makes sure high quality, advanced technology, excellent bonding strength.
Our rubber alumina ceramic liners have been exported to many countries, high quality have been approved.


Our products have been exported to many countries:Australia, Chile, USA, Russia, UK, Indonesia, etc., good quality have be approved by our clients.

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