high chromium carbide plates application

- Jan 08, 2018-

high chromium carbide plates application

High chromium alloy wear-resistant steel for cement plants, coal and other large enterprises

High chromium alloy wear-resistant steel has many advantages of its own, high wear resistance, impact resistance and ease of processing determines the usefulness of this sheet is very strong. This point in Beijing Wear Technology Co., Ltd. sales table is obvious

The embodiment of this plate sales of a large, many companies are inseparable from the production of this plate.

High chrome alloy cast iron composite steel plate can be used for metallurgical machinery, building materials machinery, electrical machinery, mining machinery and other industries in a variety of easy-wear parts of the surface hardening. Typical applications are:

1, according to the design requirements to provide users with wear-resistant composite parts made of wear-resistant spare parts, such as cement machinery efficient powder wear-resistant parts, mill liner, mixer blades, fan blades, mill rolls.

2, the direct use of the composite material cutting into a round tube into a variety of wear-resistant conveyor pipe, such as powder air delivery system, blast furnace slag system, propeller blades and so on.

3, directly to the user to provide surfacing board, by the user themselves unloading, welding site construction projects completed, such as silos, chutes, bucket and so on.

4, according to the size of the user wear parts of the area, to provide the unit for the fight for welding site maintenance, reduce the workload of the scene welding, such as working machinery bucket, dredging dredging bucket.