High polymer wear-resisting board plays an irreplaceable role in various fields

- Jul 07, 2017-

High performance of polymer wear-resisting board apply to the major industries, and has been recognized by everyone, then its selection is very important, only the choice of the right, in order to play the largest function in this field, then we today to understand what its selection points are:

1th: The use of rubber and plastics blending modified, the best use of powder-like rubber, or should use double-roller rubber mixer fully and plastic mixing, after cutting grain reproduction, otherwise rubber is not easy to disperse into the plastic, and in the use of functional materials such as: fillers, antioxidants and other modification, it is best to use masterbatch to achieve more evenly added effect.

2nd: All kinds of polyethylene and ethylene copolymer. Ethylene has good compatibility with vinyl acetate (EVA) and ethylene glycol copolymer, so it can be blended and modified to improve the properties of blends.

3rd: The same type of product, for example: film, can be made of a variety of production processes. The same kind of raw materials, due to the different production process, the product performance will have a great difference; even if the same product with a raw material and production process, the use of different process parameters, product performance will vary, therefore, pay attention to the production of formula, the process should also pay attention to the production of temperature, shear stress, ratio and other parameters.