Impact Resistant/ Wear Resistant Ceramic Rubber Plate

- Dec 14, 2017-

Product Description

  • Trademark:QS IMPACT PLATE

  • Specification: QSS

  • Transport Package: Carton shrinked by pallets

  • Origin: China

  1. The product structure
    The small box inside the ceramic embedded in special rubber to form a square and weary rubber liner, and then use high-strength orgnic adhesive bonding the device will be lining the inner the shell plate, forming a solid edge wear and there is a buffer layer,
    Recently, the company has also developed a wear-resistant material, prevent the liner and completely solved the temperature problem converying the sealing.

    2. The product uses
    Is widely used in themal power plants of the Coal, ash metallurgical steel unemployment systems, and conveying, batching system silos, hoppers and other equipment do wear liner. Liner canbe distorted, designated cut for installation of all kinds of special-shaped equipment, and water resistance, weak acid and alkali. The model is limited to below 100-300° Temperature environments.