Lined ceramic tubes

- Jan 17, 2018-

Lined ceramic tubes

Lined with ceramic wear-resistant steel pipe is self-propagating high temperature synthesis - centrifugal method, the ceramic tube of corundum melting point of 2045 ℃, corundum layer and the steel layer due to special structural reasons, the stress field is special. Under normal temperature, the ceramic layer is under compressive stress and the steel layer is subjected to tensile stress. The two are in opposition to each other and form a balanced whole. Only when the temperature rises above 400 ℃, the new stress field caused by thermal expansion and the original stress field existing in the ceramic tube cancel each other out, which makes the ceramic layer and the steel layer in a state of free equilibrium due to their different thermal expansion coefficients. 

When the temperature rises to 900 ℃, put the lining of ceramic wear-resistant steel tube into the water, repeated soaking several times, the composite layer is not cracked or cracked, showing ordinary ceramic unparalleled thermal shock resistance. This performance is very useful in construction, because the outer layer is steel, combined with the inner layer does not crack temperature rise, in the construction, the flange, purge port, explosion-proof doors, etc. can be welded, but also direct welding method Than the wear-resistant cast stone, wear-resistant steel pipe, rare earth wear-resistant steel pipe, bimetallic composite pipe, steel pipe, steel pipe in the construction of the welding is not easy or can not be better welding. Lined with ceramic wear-resistant steel is also good mechanical impact resistance, transportation, installation, beat and weight between two stent bending deformation, the composite layer is not broken off.


Flora Hu