Other Feature and Property Of Wear Resistant Steel Plate

- Aug 28, 2019-


1. Chemical composition: Chromium carbide wear abrasion resistant steel plate are manufactured by welding one or multiple abrasion resistant layers on Mild steel (Q235, Q345) or stainless steel (SS 304, SS 309, SS 310)  base plate.

2. The overlay alloy has a high amount of chromium carbide hard particles.

3. Microstructure: The carbide (Cr7C3) volum fraction on the microstructure is above 50%.

4. Rockwell Hardness: Chromium carbide hard particles are distributed evenly throughout the layer, creating a strong microstructure,

5. The hardness is between HRC 58-62 and depend on the overlay's thickness: Overlay thickness over 10 mm. Hardness over 62 HRC.

6. Wear resistance: Our test shows that the Abrasion resistant performance of Chromium carbide wear abrasion resistant steel plate is 20 times higher than Mild steel and 8 times than heat treated steel.

7. Flatness tolerance: Flatness tolerance is ±3mm/m.

8. Thickness tolerance: Uniform overlay thickness, with tolerance within 0-0.5mm.