Performance of wear-resistant ceramic adhesive

- Dec 13, 2019-

Abrasion-resistant ceramic bonding agents have strong bonding strength. The product has high abrasion resistance, which is much higher than the traditional cement bond strength. It adopts the design concept of high-strength concrete and adds super plasticizer, which greatly improves the rheological properties of concrete, and the amount of water added is only 5% . Control the particle size composition of the powder and the proportion of various fine powders, while incorporating a composite superplasticizer, to optimize the rheology of the concrete and improve the bonding performance. In addition, in order to improve the strength and abrasion resistance of concrete, try to reduce the amount of powder with small hardness, add some polymer materials, and mix with cross-linking agent to increase the bonding strength several times and significantly improve the abrasion resistance.

   In order to optimize the medium-temperature performance of wear-resistant ceramics, to overcome the strength reduction caused by the volatilization and decomposition of organic materials at the medium-temperature stage, and the strength attenuation caused by the crystal form transformation caused by dehydration of cement, some nano-powders can be added to the wear-resistant ceramics, and they are extremely high. The surface energy and the gel formed by hydration generate strength, and increase the medium temperature strength to maintain the performance and wear resistance of the wear-resistant ceramic coating at various temperatures.