QS Rubber ceramic Wear Liner fratures

- Sep 18, 2017-

Features of the rubber ceramic wear liner

1. Impact resistance

2. Anti-wear, corrosion resistance, high temperature, acid and alkali resistance.

3. The construction is convenient and there is no gap after installation. The rubber ceramic wear liner can be twisted and cut, suitable for the installation of all kinds of special equipment

4. Non-sticking material: due to the high strength and corrosion resistance of ceramics, it effectively solves the phenomenon of material blocking material.

5. Strong wear resistance, impact resistance and corrosion resistance. The rubber ceramic wear liner elastomers have excellent vibration damping effect and reduce the noise generated during conveying

Type: wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite board can be divided into the following:

A. Rubber composite lining the small square ceramic Mosaic within the special rubber, a square wear-resisting rubber lining, then the use of high strength organic adhesive will adhesive lining board in the device's inner shell, sheet metal forming strong and buffers to wear layer.

B. Special ceramic Mosaic will hemispherical type small squares within the special rubber, the use of high strength organic binder paste liner hit by large materials in the equipment parts, forming both wear resistance and resistance to blow strong wear layer. The unique spherical design of ceramic can effectively decompose the impact of material on the lining board and avoid material breaking. It is widely used in the coal conveying system and metallurgical and steel system of coal fired power plant, the hopper of the batching system, hopper of the batching system, and the high impact area.

C. the corundum ceramic chip embedded in the rubber lining board formation, then rubber lining and steel plate vulcanizing together to form a compound wear-resisting ceramics - rubber - steel impact resistant lining board, between steel plate and the rubber sheet metal welding nut or screw, thus more convenient installation and removal, which can be widely applied in chute, hopper, shock resistant protection.

By improving the rubber formula, it can produce heat (200 ℃) of heat-resistant, hardy model (heat-resistant - 50 ℃) and flame retardant products.