repair the wear resistant tubes

- Sep 04, 2017-

repair of the wear resistant alloy steel tube,wear resistant steel pipe

wear resistant steel pipe repair method has a lot of, before the plan to repair, the need for its own pipeline situation, assess the effectiveness of different wear resistant steel pipe repair plan and long-term, reliability, safety, and cost, to determine the most appropriate repair plan.

Abroad, especially in Europe and the United States and other countries of the wear resistant tube overhaul construction technology level, restoration methods, materials and equipment system research situation, think research results for our introduction of foreign advanced repair technology, mechanical repair equipment and products.

(1) replacement of wear resistant pipe repair

All problems existing in the repair section can be resolved once and for all.However, there are also obvious shortcomings in the replacement of pipe repair. The high corrosion wear tube company must stop production during construction, which will have a certain impact on downstream users. At the same time, there are certain safety and environmental risks in the operation of pipe changing, especially the standard wear tube of dangerous media such as natural gas and oil products, which have higher requirements for the safety measures of construction work.

In addition, the construction work requires large equipment and excellent welding skilled workers, and the time is also longer. Therefore, in most cases, the replacement is the most expensive fix, and the most reluctant fix for the pipeline company. But when it is necessary to continuously repair a long distance pipe, or if the wear resistant steel pipe has multiple problems including the material, it may be the only option.

(2) surfacing/resoldering of the wear resistant alloy steel tube

Most industry wear tube companies consider the use of surfacing or resoldering repair industry wear tube  defects as a very convenient and easy to use repair scheme. There is a risk of welding operation on the pipeline that is running. These risks include the risk of tube wall burning/bursting, hydrogen embrittlement, which can easily cause the crack under the weld line. Welding current cannot be too high and welding depth cannot be too high. Moreover, once the weld pipe corrodes the perforation, the pressure cavity will be formed between the external wall of the original pipe and the reinforcing steel plate. The weld will be easily pulled apart due to the failure of penetration, resulting in a greater loss. Therefore, these risk factors need to be assessed between weld repair.

(3) rept water activated polymer winding belt

The leakage repair can be completed in a few minutes. It can be used in plastic pipe, metal tube and wear resistant chromium tube. It can be used in straight pipe, bend, tee and indirect head, and can withstand 450PSI pressure. Complete repair tools add water only!

Water activated polymer coil is applied to the pressure 450PSI low pressure application (depending on the number and size) of the 30 minute curing system. It is activated by a water carbamic acid polyester glass fiber prepreg of mesh material and epoxy mortar filling, winding belt will be affected by the humidity in the air, list must be provided by the water (water or salt water) activation, application and curing after form like shell, whole case, corresponding to the product water is not toxic.

Temperature limitations: - 20 ℉ to 250 ℉ (temperature > 150 ℉) may affect the compressive capacity

Water activated polymer coil with keep 3 to 5 minutes to keep from falling out, temperature in 50 ℉ to 80 ℉, completely cured after 30 minutes. The low temperature will prolong the curing time, and the heat will shorten the curing time.

For longitudinal reinforcement: a 50% overlap overlay is the most effective for longitudinal reinforcement. When applied on a bevel, it should be folded (not distorted) in order to change the winding direction.

Chemical compatibility table: this product is resistant to most chemicals and oils. In the following chemicals soak 35 days there was no significant change: acetone, ammonia, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid (30%), ethanol and petroleum ether, butyl alcohol, toluene, diesel oil, hydrocarbon solvent, ethyl ether, crude oil, hydraulic oil, and mixed O xylene - M - P; The repair products can be used with products compatible with polyurethane. The user must consider the suitability of the product according to the actual situation and realize that strong acid or alkali will affect the durability of the repair.

Advantage: complete repair combination (no special tools) for the application of water is safe for a few minutes to complete a permanent repair is easy to use a variety of applications can be bonded in a variety of materials (plastic, metal, or polyethylene)

Application scope: pipeline, plant, urban water, natural gas distribution pipeline, oil and gas, collecting irrigation line,wear resistant hardfacing pipe, maritime application.