Roller cold-coated rubber ceramic

- Jun 26, 2019-

Application range

Roller cold rubber has been widely used in the wrapping rubber sheets and ceramic rubber sheets of conveyor roller rollers in mines, ports, power plants, steel plants, cement plants, coal mines and other industries.



● On-site construction, easy to operate.

●High bonding strength, 5-7 times of traditional casting glue, anti-creep, no degumming.

●The rubber sheet has high compactness, good wear resistance and long service life.

●The operating temperature can be long-term operation at -20-85 °C.

Instructions for use

● Clean the residue and rust on the surface of the drum first, then grind the surface of the drum with a special sander and polish it with a fiber disc.

● Use a brush to clean the surface of the drum, and then wash it repeatedly with a cleaning agent until the surface is free of any oil and dirt, and keep the surface of the drum dry.

● Apply the metal primer treatment evenly and thinly on the surface of the roller and dry it thoroughly (at least 2 hours).

●Pre-adjust the two-component cold adhesive and hardener. Apply the first coat of the roller and thoroughly dry it. Then apply the second glue. Apply glue on the back of the rubber plate and dry it to a slightly sticky back. The rubber sheet is attached, and the roller and the rubber hammer are pressed and hammered to ensure no air bubbles.

● Cut out the chamfer and fill the seam with rubber rubber.

● It can be lightly loaded for 6 hours after standing and curing. The longer the curing time, the better the curing effect.

Folding editing notes in this paragraph

●Because the glue is sensitive to temperature and humidity, the construction environment temperature is greater than 10 °C, and the relative humidity is less than 80%.

●The surface of the drum should be clean, dry and free of any oil and impurities.

● After the two-component cold adhesive is formulated, it must be used within 2 hours, otherwise the viscosity will increase due to the reaction.

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