Rubber Alumina Ceramic Composite Lining

- Jun 15, 2020-

Rubber alumina ceramic composite lining (also known as ceramic rubber wear-resistant composite board, rubber ceramic board, wear-resistant rubber ceramic wear-resistant lining board) has very excellent wear resistance and impact resistance.

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Alumina tiles, alumina ceramic mosaics, chromium carbide alloy wear plates, chromium carbide alloy wear plates.

Rubber alumina ceramic composite lining

Rubber alumina ceramic composite lining  has good cushioning properties, which can effectively cushion the ore falling from a height, and the main raw material of the rubber ceramic plate, alumina ceramic, has strong wear resistance. Therefore, the product is most suitable for use under impact and wear.

ITEMS   Standard   Testing result
Alumina content (%)≥92%92%
Bulk Density≥3.62 g/cm33.62 g/cm3
Rockwell hardness≥85 HRA85HRA
Breaking strength MPA≥27 Mpa27Mpa
Fracture toughness KIC≥4.8 Mpa.M1/24.8 Mpa.M1/2
Water absorption (%)0.010.01
Equivalent wear (‰)0.0490.048
Size appearance (mm)500*500*(5+5)500*500*(5+5)

Rubber alumina ceramic composite linings are widely used in thermal power plants, metallurgy and iron and steel industries, coal transportation and ash discharge systems for materials, hoppers, batching boxes and other equipment, effectively solving the problem of bulk material transportation materials. Rubber ceramic composite lining can be twisted and cut, suitable for the installation of various special-shaped equipment. Mainly used in mining, port, steel and other industries.

High-quality purchased raw materials are screened layer by layer and put into use after being qualified

Every step of production will be inspected

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Equipped with professional fixing bolts or adhesives

Provide professional technical support

If the customer has not used similar products before, we will also recommend more suitable products and construction solutions for the customer according to the customer's working conditions.

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