Rubber Ceramic Composite Lining Plate

- Aug 06, 2018-

Rubber Ceramic Composite Lining Plate Application

(1) Cement industry: Separator blades, mixer blades, which material sliding platform, internal grinding liner, wind cone, and so on.

(2) Wind turbine industry: fan impeller, Cyclone separator, fan blades, back plate liner, fan machine, easy to wear parts.

(3) Iron and steel Metallurgy: cloth chute, silo liner, sliding bevel, screen, blower boiler bell-shaped cover, skip, blast boiler reinforced steel plate,

(4) Coal industry: Wheel bucket Excavator's cone wear-resistant liner, scraper plate conveyor middle trough plate, feeding trough, hopper, mine hoist skip, coal washing plant pipeline, chute.

(5) Power machinery: Fan impeller, coal ash pipe, silo, feeding trough, coal conveying components, hopper lining, medium-speed grinding coal grinding repair, burner nozzle, etc.

(6) Other industries: solar glass, mining machinery, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, wear-resistant fan manufacturing, brick, sand mining coal industry in the material bin liner, scraper conveyor floor, sieve plate and so on.

(7) direct to the user to provide heap welding plate, by the user of their own materials, welding completed on-site construction projects, such as silo, chute, large bucket, heap unloading equipment. 

(8) According to the size of the user parts wear area, provide a collar unit for on-site welding repair, reduce the on-site welding workload, such as the work of mechanical shovel, dredge dredging bucket.