Rubber Ceramic Composite Lining suppliers

- Jan 17, 2019-

Rubber Lining

Qishuai rubber composite ceramic liner plate have two forms of rubber+ceramic and metal+rubber+ceramic. It is a special ceramic pieces, embedded by vulcanization in the special rubber, composition  a square wear-resistant rubber liner, and then by welding or paste fixed to the inner shell of the equipment on the steel plate, to form a strong and buffer anti-wear layer.


Normal size:

500*500*30            300*400*32

500*500*40            188*300*30

300*300*25            316*476*60    

Size can be customized


We offer acid resistant and super abrasion resistant (SAR) rubber for maximum wear life.

Our team deliver the following solutions:

  • Inspection

  • Tank lining

  • Pipe and spool lining

  • Chute and mill lining

  • Agitator blades

  • Tech Taylor valves

  • Cyclone and cyclone distributors

  • Bonded hose sets

  • Mine hose

  • Pulp lifters

  • Rotors

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