Rubber ceramic composite linings

- Mar 24, 2021-

Rubber ceramic composite lining plate:

The wear-resistant ceramic composite steel plate is made of a high-strength organic adhesive or a inorganic adhesive with a maximum temperature of 350°C, which is used for toughening and wear-resistant ceramics, and is directly bonded in a steel plate groove. The anti-abrasion layer has impact resistance, which can well solve the problem of equipment wear prevention in the process of bulk material transportation. It is suitable for anti-abrasion lining of material conveying equipment in high temperature environment and can withstand the impact of large materials.

Applications in minings:

Suitable for all kinds of mining equipment, such as coal mines, copper mines, tungsten mines, molybdenum mines, iron ore mines, and washing factories. For example, hoppers, chutes, silos, magnetic separators, slurry pumps, drum rubber, bucket wheel, heavy medium cyclone.

Coal handling system: chute, hopper, silo;

Coal washing system: pressure cyclone, pressureless three-product heavy medium cyclone, pressureless four-product heavy medium cyclone, concentration cyclone;

Feeding system: pipes, elbows, hoppers, silos, distribution ports, etc.

Rubber ceramic composite linings

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