Rubber Ceramic Composite Wear Lining Plate

- Apr 21, 2020-

The rubber ceramic composite wear lining plates produced by Qi Shuai are used in industrial equipment and other conveyor systems, thereby reducing wear, corrosion and erosion caused by materials for a long time.

The rubber ceramic composite wear lining plates is installed and fixed on the equipment by epoxy resin, welding or bolting. After installation, the circulation of materials will be directly cleaned to the ceramic rubber composite board without damaging the equipment. The two types of ceramic rubber composite plates are ceramic rubber steel plates, which are referred to as "three-in-one composite wear-resistant plates" for short. The other is that ceramic and rubber are compounded by vulcanization process, referred to as "two-in-one composite wear plate"

The ceramic is light in weight, wear-resistant, rubber impact-resistant, and the steel plate is easy to fix. Both or the latter three have the advantages of wear-resistance, impact resistance, equipment protection and cost reduction.

Rubber ceramic composite wear lining plates

The conventional length and width of the product is 500 * 500mm / 500 * 600mm

The density of the wear-resistant rubber ceramic plate is 3.62 grams per cubic centimeter, and the density is half that of the wear-resistant steel plate.

Therefore, the weight of the wear-resistant rubber ceramic plate is much lower than that of the steel plate, thereby reducing the weight of the equipment, protecting the wear resistance of the equipment, and then reducing the maintenance cost of the customer

Rubber ceramic composite wear lining plates can be supplied as standard pads or cut panels to meet customer drawings and specifications, or can be custom designed to ensure maximum suitability for your specific requirement. 

Rubber ceramic composite wear lining plates(three-in-one liner and two-in-one liner) are mainly used in

Steel industry applications:

1. Raw material feeding system: belt head hopper, belt head bin, and feed hopper.

2. Batching system: mixing silo, primary mixing cylinder, secondary mixing cylinder, mixing disc, pelletizing disc. 3. Conveying system for sintered material: ore dressing hopper under vibrating screen, long-distance ore dressing hopper, silo. 4. Dust removal and ash discharge system: dust removal pipe, elbow, tee, dust falling pipe, and tail dust removal pipe. 5. Coking system: Coke hopper. 6. Iron-spraying coal injection system, medium speed mill: cone bucket, separation baffle, outlet pipe, pulverized coal pipe, burner cone.

7. Steel ball mill: outlet pipe, coarse powder separator, fine powder separator, coal powder pipe, elbow, inner shell of powder discharge machine.

Chemical industry applications:

1. Conveying system: hopper, silo;

2. Dust removal system: Dust removal pipe;

3. Processing equipment: Vibration mill lining

4.Mining equipment and coal industry equipment: hopper, silo.


Mine filling, concentrate powder and tailings transportation cause serious wear on the pipeline.

Lining the inner wall of the pipe with ceramic sheets can solve this problem;

High quality wear resistanting technology to protect your equipment!
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