Rubber Ceramic Impact Liner

- Oct 23, 2020-

The manufacturing of rubber ceramic impact liners for mining used by Qishuai is suitable for the use of modern mining factories. It can well protect equipment and conveying silos. This product can be pasted by welding or studs (counterbore bolts). Form for easy installation.

Rubber ceramic impact liner can provide excellent wear protection under harsh mining conditions. First, it has advanced alumina ceramics as the main component, which makes it have high hardness and wear resistance. Secondly, the existence of rubber makes It has impact resistance, and the combination of the two perfectly protects the equipment and the silo, and minimizes the damage caused by wear and impact.

The rubber ceramic impact liner is much lower in weight than the alloy wear-resistant plate. It can be directly welded and installed by pasting or bolting or inlaying the steel plate at the bottom during the vulcanization process.

We can provide customized the liners to meet your specifications, or design and manufacture according to your equipment.

Extended service life

-Lightweight and easy to handle


-Design suitable


--Noise reduction

-Promote material flow in wet and dry environments

As long as you tell us your needs and drawings, we will provide you with the most professional wear-resistant solutions or products. Qi Shuai not only makes wear-resistant products, but also has professional technology and services. We look forward to your inquiry!

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